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"Mini-Jeep" Mower, Roof Palomino

Steve Nelson

Salem, Wisconsin

  Steve Nelson

Instruction manual cover

The Roof Mfg. Co built these in Pontiac, IL in the 60s and 70s and stayed in business through the mid 80s to possibly early 90's. Later they mfgd lift gates for trucks and finally sold out. I believe the factory is now Anthony Lift Gates. Thats what I've heard anyway. 

I'm researching since I found out others find my mower to be a curiosity. It nearly causes accidents when I'm mowing because people give it serious double takes when they drive by. 

My father-in-law bought it in '68 (for big bucks $1600.00 which at the time would also buy a new vw bug!). He got it out of moth balls for us when we moved here in 1983.   It's on it's third engine, but otherwise in great condition. I may look for some original parts to restore it to completely stock condition. I was tempted to paint it olive drab and make it look like a M.A.S.H jeep back when the series was so popular, but I'm glad I kept it "Roof Red", it's obviously better in its "original" color.

I get a lot of double-takes when I'm out mowing. I heard that there where people on the web looking for one of these so I figured I'd send along some pix.




smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)